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Slugs & Snails: Best Eco Fashion Brand, Junior Design Awards 2014

Slugs & Snails: Best Eco Fashion Brand, Junior Design Awards 2014 

What the brand says, what the judges thought and where to buy...

Posted: 07 November 2014

by Catherine Hudson
 1 of 1 They Say:

"Children's luxury tights, initially we started as a boy's tights company but we have grown to be known as unisex luxury children's tights and we are now introducing a range of complementary clothes to wear with our tights. We are renowned for our eco over profit stance."

* We are the "original" boy's tights company, having inspired three more boy's tights companies in our wake and influencing major high street brands to jump onto the idea.

* We have a luxury product that's grown to be a well known and trusted children's tights brand sold in over 22 countries around the world. 

* We are 100 per cent a family run company and we only design and produce products we would use for our own children but we are also very fussy about who makes our designs, we have spent a total of five years sourcing our two factories and are proud to have made sure all our manufacturing in within EU and GOTS organic standards. 

Judges Comments:

"The entire panel love the original, and best, 'tights for boys' company, with comical and cool designs. the brand has taken a step towards a larger fashion offering, which shows promise with a bright colour palette and sweet details. The mushroom print is still a favourite."


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